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Welcome to Loudon Crest Farms

Loudon Crest Farms was founded by Jacob E. Warner in 1877 in Granville, OH. The Warner's were early users of hybrid seed corn and many other cutting edge processes over the years. Jacob and neighbor Mr. Ramsower purchased the first New Twine Binder in the area... "That first new twine binder was a wonder to behold. It was painted red and white, the most complex machine yet made for farm work. It was the most expensive too.  Because of this, father and his good neighbor, Jacob E. Warner, who lived down the road a mile, together bought the binder which was the first to appear in our vicinity. This joint purchase began a period of co-operation between these two neighbors that lasted throughout the remainder of their lives." -H.C Ramsower, - Farm Life In Ohio

Ever since this time, Loudon Crest Farms has been up with the times on current farming procedures. Throughout the generations, Loudon Crest Farms has been a dairy, hog operation, chicken farm, sheep farm, grain, and hay farm as well.

Vora Warner took over the farm in the early 1900's and then left his son, Keith Warner, to take over this farm in the 1940's.

In the late 1960's, my Dad, Robert Warner, took over the farm. He operated it as a dairy farm until 1990 when he sold most of the land and all the cows.

In the last few years we have built our farm back up we currently have many different animals including our famous Pink POCO PIGS, mini pigs! We also have goats, chickens, horses, cows, sheep & rabbits! This is still a family farm with Robert Warner (grandpa), Jake, Sabrina & children Kaleigh, AnnaBelle, & Elijah all working hard to keep up with the chores! We always have several animals for sale as new ones are born all of the time! We also bale hay and straw and sell both as well!

Warner's Maple Syrup