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Learn More About Loudon Crest Farms:

Maple Syrup – We have been producing maple syrup since 1877
K.A.E. Eggs – Our free range chickens lay the best fresh brown eggs

Currently our main farming is the syrup business. Loudon Crest Farms also uses their farm for boat and RV storage. We keep our trucks and equipment on our family farm for www.jakespropertyservices.com. We also have sheep, alpacas, one llama, one donkey, a ton of chickens, horses, goats, and pot belly pigs. We kind of have a funny farm... It truly is a peaceful place out here and we love it! We offer space for birthday parties and also do hay rides and farm tours!

By the way, we keep all of these animals in an old barn that Jacob E. Warner built from lumber sawed on our farm in 1890! It is a pretty cool barn!

This past year 2012 Dad and I started baling hay again! This is the first year in almost 10 years that we have made hay! We plan on producing hay and straw for the years to come as well! Will continue to post pics of our farm equipment and updates when we have hay for sale. We always have Straw for sale!